A refreshing alternative to the large, corporate lawn care companies, That's Mow Like It is a one-man operation. You'll be working directly with me, the owner, on every project, every quote, every phone call, every service your lawn requires. You'll always get the personal service you deserve.

Your services are also completely flexible. You'd prefer a bi-weekly mowing instead of weekly? Just need a vacation trimming? Need some edging or aerating done, but you prefer to do your own mowing? Have some overgrown bushes that need trimmed back? Need the total package with all your outdoor services covered? Just let me know what your yard needs and I'll do what I can to make it happen. 

My goal is to make your life easier. 

Maybe you work hard all week and your weekends are saved for family time instead of spent in the yard doing chores. I can help with that. 

Maybe you aren't able to keep up with the physical demands of lawn maintenance. I can help with that. 

Maybe your rental property had a particularly destructive or neglectful tenant. I can help with that. 

Or maybe you are like a lot of other people and would simply rather do anything else besides mow the grass, but you can still appreciate a well-manicured landscape. I can help with that too. 

Because it's just me and my equipment, I can provide whatever services you need at whatever time it needs to be done. And I'll never try to sell you on lawn services that aren't necessary. 

One other thing...no contracts. I work on a handshake and a smile. Call me and I'll show up to work. If my services are no longer required, there is no pressure and no obligation to keep paying me for work I didn't do. 

Basically, That's Mow Like It is here for you to do the lawn maintenance you can't or don't want to do. Call, text, email, or contact me here for all your lawn care needs. 

-Marc Kray, Owner